The eBC Directional Marketing Matrix

The eBC Directional Marketing Matrix is a framework that helps Marketing Managers make better decisions about what marketing activities to cut, maintain, or push. It helps resource and cost allocation.

The problem that the eBC Directional Marketing Matrix solves is that 2×2 matrices are inherently 2-dimensional. While this is a good starting point for conversation for where the activities are, they don't identify where the activities are going and how fast and far that activity is going there. This is a severe limitation in any business function, and particularly for digital marketing since the landscape moves so fast. How many times have you heard and/or said, "digital marketing moves so fast! It's hard to keep up"?

The eBC Directional Marketing Matrix is influenced by McKinsey's Directional Policy Matrix (a.k.a. the "GE Screen").

Directional Marketing Matrix


AxisThe x- and y-axis are the two main dimensions for ROI (impact and cost).
Position of circleDescribes where the activities respectively exist in ROI, currently.
Size of circleThis represents the resources needed for that activity. Larger circle areas need more resources. Smaller circle areas, less.
Direction of circleWhere each activity is trending and how fast it is projected to reach there.

Try applying the eBC Directional Marketing Matrix to your business and review it monthly, comparing your changes month to month. Plot where your marketing activities are in the realm of ROI, determine where it's going, and identify how fast it would take to get there with the resources you have.

Johnny Chan CMO, eBoost Consulting

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