Ecommerce Marketing (ECM) Case Study


A furniture liquidation company serving a local area had thousands of inventory items for sale. They purchased large amounts of product, liquidated as quickly as possible then bought more. But they were not able to reach enough people to unload the inventory fast enough in order to be able to bid on more profitable liquidation projects.


The products were high quality and very well priced, but no one knew about them except large companies – and large companies don’t need new furniture continually. Due to the fast-churn nature of the industry, maintaining a website of all the individual inventory items was difficult. The goal was larger bulk sales to clear out warehouse space.

eBoost Solution

  • eBoost Consulting conducted extensive research of both local and national business and furniture forums, classifieds, auction, and lead generation sites in order to put together a comprehensive Ecommerce Marketing plan and executed on all listings and lead distribution.
  • eBoost Consulting implemented a high level call tracking structure and managed a database of inventory that was distributed to comparison shopping engines and listing aggregation sites.

The Results

Averaged 200+ additional leads per month for over 2 years consecutively from these additional sources, which made up about 40% of overall monthly leads. The faster turnover of inventory allowed the company to bid on more and bigger liquidations and was a critical factor in the healthy sustained growth of the company as a whole.

Next Steps

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Did You Know?

Between January 2008 and January 2009, the number of daily mobile Web users doubled.