Consulting & Execution Case Study

Business Case

A regional furniture retailer had experienced little to no growth in the last few years. Its six figure marketing budget was almost solely focused on print advertising, which had helped the company grow since its inception. It had attempted digital marketing in the past with lower level service providers with no success. The CEO came to eBoost Consulting looking for a partner to grow revenue, profitability, and cash flow.

Analysis, Solution, & Results

The team started with consumer research. We quickly concluded that a large percentage of the retailer’s market was doing research online and tested its hypothesis by taking 25% of the print advertising budget and initiating a paid search campaign. The team also set up an extensive call tracking platform to test each print creative and each paid search initiative. The first year was spent optimizing and re-allocating budgets, which resulted in an increase in revenue from $2M to $3.5M.

The paid search initiative was very successful and it illuminated the opportunity to increase the website conversion rate and begin search engine optimization (SEO). The team collected qualitative and quantitative research to develop personas, which are hypothetical user archetypes based on demographics, psychographics, and topology. The personas were then used to improve the information architecture and the interaction design of the website. The data from the paid search campaign was used to guide the SEO initiative. The website redesign increased conversion rate 9x from .5% to 4.5%. The second year’s initiatives pushed the company to $6.5M in annual revenue.

In Year 3, we noticed increased demand for environmentally friendly (green) office furniture and the opportunity to position the client as the market leader. We developed then launched a branding and PR initiative, which resulted in a new brand that continues to grow through its blog popularity, search engine presence, and penetration on social networks such as Twitter. The Green Office Blog features green experts spanning different industries including a regular feature piece from the editor of the Environmentalist and cross-posted content on the #1 blog on the internet according to Technorati, The Huffington Post. The client is now operating at more than $12M in yearly revenues.

Next Steps

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