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At first glance the title of this article probably sent up about 100 red flags about potential black hat SEO tactics and Email Spam (or so we hope!). Rest assured, black hat tactics and spam are never the eBoost way. The free links we're referring to utilize the emails you already send to customers, clients, followers, and biggest fans-no dabbling in gray, or worse, black areas of digital marketing here. We're advocating the age-old concept of grabbing all low-hanging fruit to create the most efficient marketing strategy possible.

Chances are that the content of emails you send to customers, clients, followers, and fans is relevant to your company and if it's relevant to your company it is also likely relevant to content that already lives on your website. Relevant content makes for useful SEO link building. Take advantage of the emails you create by leveraging the hosted version of each email for link-building purposes.

All well-crafted emails will provide a hosted version for viewers who have trouble viewing the original version in their inbox; instead of viewing the email within the email provider's site, viewers can click-through to a webpage with an exact duplicate of the email. This hosted version lives on a permanent URL and is a ripe spot for easy link building.

The concept is simple. If you have a solid SEO plan in place, each of your web pages should have a set of keywords that hold most of the page's value. Work those keywords into your email content and then upon setting up the hosted version of your email, link this permanent version back to your website with the anchor text. Ta-da--a nice free back link to your site.

It's important to realize that these links are not going to be coming from pages with a significant authority or a high page rank, but they are the low hanging fruit that can give you a boost utilizing two existing components of your digital marketing strategy. Make sure to take advantage of one simple way to boost the value of these links by maintaining all permanent versions of your emails on the domain of your email service such as Bronto, Blue Hornet, or MailChimp (their domains hold their own levels of authority) and, in addition to the versions hosted by your email service, place your emails in an archive on your own site. For both, use the same HTML of the original email (perhaps with slight content reworking for relevancy and timelessness) and alter the details like the title and H1 tags to match. Make sure to, again, use internal linking to other relevant pages on your website and make these pages derived from emails available to site visitors. As always, the more relevancy the better.

If you're running an email campaign, make sure not to waste valuable SEO potential!

Amber Scott, Consultant, eBoost Consulting

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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads - eCommerce Success Story

How we generated 327% Return on Ad Spend using Facebook Ads


A small niche apparel product company selling ~$15-$20 items online was looking to grow after sales plateaued after several years in business. The products were high quality and consistently garnered 5 star reviews from customers, but sales weren’t growing as fast as the owner would have liked.


The products were high quality and well-priced, but the market was relatively small and sales were not growing. The company had done extensive tests with all major advertising platforms in the past but could not get any of them to produce a positive return on ad spend resulting in significant sales volume.

eBoost Solution

  • After conducting a thorough analysis of analytics data and purchase behavior, eBoost set up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads campaigns to serve extremely relevant and timely ads to users who had left the company’s site without making a purchase.
  • eBoost tested several creative templates and ad placements in order to find the winning combinations that produced both high sales volume and positive return on ad spend

The Results

  • In the first 30 days of advertising, eBoost averaged a 327% return on ad spend with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • In the first 30 days the client’s business nearly doubled with an 87.4% increase in gross revenue and a 93.6% increase in # of items sold

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