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Rankings are all well and good, but for many online businesses, it's really all about the money. The Keyword Analysis tool helps you predict how much money you can make from ranking in Google for a particular keyword.



Position 1 $/mo
Position 2 $/mo
Position 3 $/mo
Position 4 $/mo
Position 5 $/mo
Position 6 $/mo
Position 7 $/mo
Position 8 $/mo
Position 9 $/mo
Position 10 $/mo

The Keyword Analysis tool takes the Search Volume of a keyword, the Conversion Rate of your website, and the Revenue you make per conversion then applies the Click Through Rate (CTR) you can expect by ranking in Positions 1–10 in Google. The CTR for each position is a general industry number based on the famous AOL click data.

Step 1: Enter the Monthly Search Volume of any keyword. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find this number.

Step 2: Enter your website's conversion rate (if you don't know it, a general industry average is 2.3%).

Step 3: Enter the average amount of money you make per conversion.

The Results: The tool will automatically calculate the amount of money you can expect each month from ranking in Position 1 - Position 10 in Google.

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Less than 20 websites around the world have a perfect Google PageRank score of 10 including the World Wide Web Consortium (, the Whitehouse (, and Facebook (