Persona Development Case Study

LeonardoMD | LeonardoMD.Com


This leading practice management software company needed its website revamped and new marketing initiatives to increase revenue and reinforce its value proposition to potential clients.


LeonardoMD relies on pay-per-lead platform services primarily to generate qualified leads, particularly medical office managers, billers, and doctors. LeonardoMD needed to make its site user-friendly for its customers to research what they need and where to find their required pieces of information.

eBoost Solution

  • eBoost Consulting interviewed key LeonardoMD stakeholders to receive customer insights that would help redesign the look, feel and conversion design of the website. eBoost Consulting’s partner agency utilized these data points to redesign the site to focus on the ease of use of the management software, featuring clean, simple imagery to maximize impact.
  • eBoost Consulting ran through a persona update one year after the initial iteration, ran through a persona-focused six-sigma process, and streamlined marketing to make it more accountable to LeonardoMD’s sales and operation functions.

The Results

LeonardoMD has seen a 646% increase in conversion rates over the past two years.

Next Steps

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Did You Know?

Personas provide a common language allowing Customer Service, Sales, Executives, and Marketing to communicate more effectively about customer needs, wants, and demands.