Social Advertising: Hyper Targeting on Any Budget

Hyper Targeting on Any Budget

Chris Root, Associate Consultant, eBoost Consulting

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What if there was a way to access 800M+ people and serve ads to only those who fit your target customer (your persona)? What if you could add word-of-mouth credibility to those ads? Welcome to social advertising! While this high degree of targeting might sound like something only for companies with million dollar budgets, it's actually a feasible advertising strategy for companies of any size.

In this webinar we will show you how to engage in social advertising for as little as dollars a day and you will also learn:

  • What is social advertising?
  • What is the social graph?
  • What platform(s) should you use when advertising through social sites?
  • What are the top 12 tips for Facebook Ads in 2012? (Facebook is the bread and butter of social advertising.)

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