Social Media Marketing Case Study


A Southern California-based message-driven fashion brand needed a strategy to increase awareness of its name and its socially responsible mission.


The brand had achieved national distribution through retailers such as Nordstrom, but had not experienced the grassroots customer evangelism that had fueled its growth locally. It recognized the need for brand loyalists nationwide to help spread its message of Hope, Grace, Encouragement, Forgiveness, and Love. The critical question became how do we build an online community as a platform to turn nationwide customers into brand evangelists?


Our team set up a series of in depth focus groups to accomplish the following 3 objectives:

  • Identify what the brand means to customers.
  • Create a larger dialogue around the heart of the consumer.
  • Identify how the brand can fulfill its consumers’ motivations.

The focus groups identified an opportunity to build a community that involved customers in the product development process built around a culture of giving.

Using Forrester’s POST method and the latest in social technographic research, we developed an online community and social media marketing strategy through MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, a corporate blog, and, of course, the community site which resides on the company’s main website.

The consultants recommended hiring a dedicated staff to market and foster the community. Once hired, the team trained the new staff to become digital marketing rockstars and set KPIs to measure their effectiveness and the community’s progress.

Leading up to the launch the team consulted with the staff on the action plan and continues to do so on a monthly basis.


The community launched on February 1st and as of February 17th had grown to 515 members through its social media marketing initiatives. All KPIs have hit stretch metrics with triple digit percentage growth as the brand’s message continues to spread nationwide.

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