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eBoost Boot Camps are a chance to learn and apply new information in real time to the challenges you face today as an entrepreneur. Our Boot Camps bring together passionate entrepreneurs and our own digital marketing experts to focus on targeted topics such as: assessing your Business Model Scalability, identifying the highest impact digital marketing channels for your company, or how to build a Rockstar team that constantly performs above and beyond expectations.

Boot Camps are formatted so that you not only learn new content, but have the opportunity to apply those learnings to your business. Then, you'll receive feedback from others to refine your application and ideas. We customize our Boot Camps so that the content and exercises are highly targeted and relevant to all participants. In general, you'll find our Boot Camps are a mixture of:

Presentations - Our consultants will share their expertise and teach you the theory and best practices in strategy, tactics, and execution. For example, we might present on each digital marketing channel, its values and limitations, and how to identify the impact for your business.

Individual Application Time - You'll have individual time to apply the content to the challenges you're facing today, and bounce ideas back and forth with our consultants. We'll have exercises to cement your learnings, like building out a logic trees specific to your revenue and expense streams and identifying the digital marketing channels that will drive the highest ROI specific to each channel.

Collaboration - Participants in our Boot Camps have faced similar challenges in their businesses, and collaborating together allows all of us to learn from one another. Small group breakouts, full group discussions, and team problem solving challenges bring fresh eyes and new perspectives to your specific business needs through the application of Boot Camp content.

Follow Up - We know that questions come up in the days and weeks that follow a Boot Camp, and we're there for you. We offer office hours to continue working with you one on one, and we're always happy to hop on the phone or chat back and forth via email to help you apply all you've learned in the Boot Camp.

Our Boot Camps include all day live events, multi-installment Boot Camps over the web, and mixtures of in-person and remote teaching and collaboration. eBoost Boot Camps have included:

  • A live, full day Boot Camp on Business Model Scalability at Innovation Endeavors in Palo Alto, CA for several of their portfolio companies.
  • A multi-installment Boot Camp on Business Model Scalability, delivered via the web and in-person, for the Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (ITEC) at the Boston University School of Management

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