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Continue the Brown Bag Lunch Webinar educational enrichment and browse our archive below. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about Persona Development, Conversion Design, Media Buys, SEO, Email Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Social Advertising and the latest industry trends.


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eBoost Case Studies

Paid Search Case Study

A television lift mechanism company was higher end than many cheap competitors but was not yet recognized among its' higher end competitors. The lack of brand awareness was affecting web traffic and ultimately sales. ... read more »

eBoost Articles

Hyper-Targeting on Any Budget

Social advertising - some have heard of it, few know what it is, and even fewer know its true potential. So what can social advertising do for you and why should you take the time to read this article? Think of it like AdWords in its inception - a 'wild west' type of opportunity with nobody really using it to it's full potential. ... read more »

Did You Know?

Personas provide a common language allowing Customer Service, Sales, Executives, and Marketing to communicate more effectively about customer needs, wants, and demands.